I have a number of interests.

One: is having a relationship with God, His Son, and my brothers and sisters in the faith

Two: my wife who has put up with me for twent-five plus years and is my number one fan and cheer leader. She deserves a medal and huge sums of money.

Three: my friends, (who also are deserving) some of whom who have made it possible for this exciting new adventure into web designing for me. 

Four: art (I especially like pen and ink and water color). 

Five: books (fantasy, science fiction, history, biographies, and the Bible and literature pertaining to it. 

Six: guitars.  I like Martins, Gibsons, and vintage Stella Harmonies.  And, I really love twelve strings guitars. 

Seven: harmonicas, (my favorites are Suzukis). 

Eight: music (flamenco, bluegrass, blues, fifties and sixties rock, and classical music). 

Nine: surfing the internet and participating in on-line forums. 

And Ten: food (especially Mexican).