This is my first real web site and I am excited by it. Of course, it is still in the experimental stages which may mean errors will be encountered. I will be experimenting in web designing along the road to JOOMLA mastery. In experimenting, I desire to learn and to have fun. In doing so some of my results may appear inane and or pointless. However inane and pointless my humor may be it is never meant to be mean.

The endeavors of the New Gaulay web site will lean mainly toward art, music, writing, and web designing.

So please, stick around.


Mission Statement


JOOMLA! may or may not be easy and/or require much knowledge of HTML, but I do know it is challenging. As time moves forward Joomla and I will become more creative and fun and this means much to me at this juncture. I am looking forward to creating web sites for those out there that desire and need class and quality as well as user-friendly functionality.