Rick McKeon Rick McKeon is a good friend and one of my mentors. I’ve known Richard for over thirty years now and it has been a pleasure.

There are many adjectives to describe Richard: kind, encouraging, gentle, intelligent, soft spoken, humble, creative, helpful, giving, talented, and spiritual. I mainly think of him as my friend and mentor.

When I was into art he gave me brushes and high quality watercolor paper, and kind words. When I became involve with guitar and harmonica he gave me books, diagrams, CDs, and harmonicas, an ear, and encouragement. More recently as I have become engaged in writing he has given me suggestions, has directed me to web sites with information, done a little bit of editing, has prodded me to keep writing and to have a goal, and he is going to assist me in publishing my novel as an e-book.

Richard, besides being a great human being is also a man of many talents and interests. He can sing, play guitar and banjo, and teach them too. His other interests are hiking, treasure hunting, and ghost towns and old mines. If you are interested in some of these activities go over to his web site at : http://www.rickmckeon.com and look around.